Something Of an Update

My followers (and the other people who accidentally happen upon this page), you’d be so proud of me. I actually spent the last two weeks writing every chance that I got.

Yup, I finished the first draft of Virtually Yours Forever, and then moved quickly to my edit of Finding Cadence. I know I shouldn’t say this, because as soon as I do, I’ll be beset by some calamity where I’ve lost my hands/eyesight/will to live/[insert other disaster here] and therefore my momentum and mojo, but this week I actually feel like a writer.

Not a mother, or a business owner, or a homemaker, but an honest to goodness writer.

Sure I’m those other things too, but lately writing has come to the forefront of my daily activities. I’ve limited my play time on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t afford to lounge around, so I’ve been filling my days with words. I’m thinking it’s a good thing. Of course, it could be because I have so many projects on the burner, I’m feeling guilty about most of them being incomplete.

Also accomplished: READING. I’ve read the first two Hunger Games books and have started the third, read the book that came with my latest blog tour, and finished another from a fellow writer I met at the San Francisco Writers Conference years ago. Good stuff.

My house is a total disaster and my garden needs to be winterized – fast, since winter is quickly approaching – and the laundry looks like it’s going to take all weekend to finish, yet I still feel very satisfied with my pace. It helps to have people (fellow writers, family, my editor) poking me with a stick. I’m proud to say that these last two weeks I’ve been self-starting.

Perhaps I’ve reached my personal turning point.


4 Responses

  1. You go, Girl! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Isabel!

  3. I’ve learned, over time, that the housework and laundry will be there no matter what, but working on finishing your book is always time spent well. Nothing brings a writer a sense of pride quite like finishing the next section of their book, be it a chapter, a scene, or even just the next sentence. I applaud you!!

  4. Hey Jo!

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