Time to Get Busy!

Summer is OVER!

No, you don’t get it. Summer is soooooo over… I’m so loving it.

Most of you know we run a business. Heck, I’d be a bag lady if I had to rely on writing for a living, so I have to do something. Even with my talents in other areas (jewelry, gardening, art, etc.), these pursuits are not to be relied upon to provide a box of macaroni and cheese at the end of the day. Summer is our business’s bread and butter – and pickles, and steak and lobster, and cereal and ice cream – and we have to use those receipts to live on the rest of the year.

You don’t know how many times during a cold and wintry (and cash-strapped) January that my husband emerges from his office shaking his head, saying “I’ve got to sell the motorcycle (or insert large object of his affection here) to pay the taxes (or college tuition or insert other large ticket item here).”

So when the going is sweet and cash is flush, we attack it will all the gusto two persons of our middle age can stand. It’s been raucous, it’s been crazy, it’s been seven days a week for the last three months.

The rush is officially over. Now my adult children are back on the Left Coast, leaving me with a quiet, clean house. Tthe teenagers are back in school, and I actually have a minute to breathe. I’ve also been able to finish the books I started reading back in May, so reviews are forthcoming.

And I’ve been doing a very good job of sticking to writing. Staying away from the time-sucking social media has helped. You know I love you, Facebook and Twitter, but I can’t get a thing done if you’re on my desktop! So instead of following my gaggle of interesting peeps, I’ve been holed up in my bedroom plotting out new twists and turns.

More later. I’ve got to get back to work.



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