The Dreaded Re-Write Strikes Again… and Again

Last week, I sent no query letters out for the review of discerning agents. Why? Well, after letting a couple (three, four) writers read the first chapter of VIRTUALLY YOURS, I decided it needed more PoP! more ZiNg! A better FiRsT sEnTeNcE!

So yes, Mr. Ed. While I’m taking your many months of insight, collaboration, and experience to heart, I’m afraid I’m going to have to go against your recommendation. Only on the first chapter. The elements will remain, but my first page is going to WoW!

On the other book: FINDING CADENCE will suffer yet another re-write. This is because my other editor thinks it’s not good enough. I agree. I think I have captured the angst, the pain and suffering, and laid down so many pitfalls, I should have named my character Pauline. But somehow I have to turn it around and make her stronger.

I’m finding it a difficult task. I’m not used to writing outlines for books (I normally start typing and keep going until I have something tangible to play with), and mine sucked Big Time. The conundrum. What is my turning point? When does my character get good and mad and when will she fight back?

I also need some good guys. I’m no man-hater, but I certainly have the Horrible Guy down pat.  Perhaps my vision of them is rather clear. I also enjoy reading about bad boys – love that dangerous quality, I guess. I have a Nice Guy for a husband; maybe I should study him for a while.

As for Clementine, I’ve given her two potential love interests, even though she is not really interested (so she says) in love. I’m thinking she needs some conflict between her and her best friend, Maya. She’s the unlikely cupcake business partner, especially since she is allergic to frosting.

And, I’m short not one, but two people today at the Real Life job. Not only that, but this week is our state’s spring break for high school students. This is a deadly combination, folks. I’ve already had problems up the wazoo, and it’s not even noon yet.

Back to writing. I will be chipping at it ever so slowly today.


2 Responses

  1. Joanne, you are my hero! Your persistence and willingness to keep going back and editing and adapting is inspirational. I used to think I was a writer, but since Gather flopped (for me), I haven’t really written a thing.

    I look forward to read all of the above, but especially Clementine!

  2. Thanks for being a cheerleader, Nancy. I’ll remember it always! 🙂

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