NaNoWriMo – Week Two

I’m not going to say I’ve fallen off the wagon, but I will admit I’m momentarily jostled out of my seat.

There was a major problem in WIP #2, which I hadn’t realized until I’d received the latest twenty pages from Mr. Ed. This involved way too much back story, and as we know, I am the queen of the back story. However, I’m also never, ever at a loss for words, so I ripped out huge chunks and inserted dialog. This alone should warn those in the NaNoWriMo frame of mind that the first, second and even third edit might not help a NaNo manuscript (such as WIP #2 is). You need at least a half dozen sets of eyes and then some. Unless you’re a freakin’ genius, you cannot pump out a best seller in thirty days.

Working on the edit put my NaNa efforts on a temporary stall as I slaved away to get the obvious kinks out of my baby. (Actually, it doesn’t feel like slaving. It feels like fun.)

Good news! Mr. Ed is backlogged and will not be sending my next few pages for a while. This leaves me time to catch up on the NaNo project, as well as do a few things for fun.

One of these is my current offering at Blog Critics, a cautionary tale of growing too old to break into your own house. I hope you enjoy it as much as I didn’t enjoy clinging to the second floor ledge.

On deck is what NOT to buy your boyfriend for Christmas. (I’m having a helluva good time with this one, remembering all the stupid presents I gave my husband when we were just dating.)

This weekend promises to be a NaNo weekend. If I can pump out 2K words in an hour and a half, just think what I could do with 48 hours?


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