And Now for the Bad News…

I’ve been told I must off one of my characters…

Not kill her off in the book, but somehow delete her completely from the telling of the tale. The thought is that six women friends with the same amount of pull and character is approximately one woman too many.

I’m not afraid of the technical aspects of the search and destroy mission. I happen to be doing just that on my first manuscript. It’s that I love them all!

(Yeah, yeah, the editor says…)

I have of course asked for a stay of execution. Pleaded. Begged. I think all of the characters are necessary to the telling of the tale, and they are definitely needed in Book Number Two, as the story shifts to another couple in the friendship loop.

So, please, my friends (since I have loosely based the novel on my own experiences and therefore have drawn on the personalities of my own Real Life friends, and yes, you know who you are), please do not take my editing personally. I love you all. Honest. But what the editor says must be.

He is available for personalized whipping, if and when the book comes out in print.



One Response

  1. What an interesting dilemma.

    Perhaps the “offed” character needs her own story…

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