San Francisco, the Writers Conference, and Other News

I returned from San Francisco on Monday, taking the red eye. It saves me $75, but it’s a terrible way to fly, especially if you are old and decrepit like I am and can’t sleep sitting up. Note to those who are interested: just before you board the plane, drink two double Amaretto and orange juice and take a Benadryl. You’ll be able to doze, on and off.

San Francisco was wonderful, but then it always is. I made my escape from the Tundra just in time. When I landed in Minneapolis, the blizzard was just beginning. However, if you’re going to fly in a blizzard, Minneapolis is a good place to start. They know snow.

The entire West Coast was rainy last Monday, but by Tuesday the clouds broke and it was sunny the rest of the week, even in the Sunset where I stay. It’s normally cloudy or foggy all the time in that neighborhood. I soaked up as much sun as I could. (Felt good.)

The writers conference started on Friday. This year I stayed at the Mark Hopkins, where the conference is held. Expensive, but at least Jeffrey didn’t have to play taxi service for three days. The conference was so interesting. There were so many workshops to attend, and I felt I learned something new in each one. Once again, I signed up for the agent speed dating.

Last year’s try was a fiasco. I was so unprepared, nervous and incredibly naive! Plus, my novel (Finding Cadence) was horrible! I pulled it out this week just to take a gander, and I can’t believe how bad it is! It has to be redone from start to finish.

I’ve had an entire year to study the craft of the pitch, and to write. I hope I write better than I did a year ago, although I know my weaknesses. (Did I mention it’s tough to break bad habits?) This year, I did much better at both the pitching and the writing.

Out of the five agents I walked up to, three were interested and wanted me to query them and send them one to three chapters. One was deliriously excited, one was mildly excited, and the other thought well, what the hell, I’ll let her send me something.

It was exhilarating! I was floating on a cloud for at least a couple of hours, until I realized that now I’m really going to have to work on tightening this baby up.

Work, rewrites! GAH!

Tuesday, I opened my email to find a response to my first query. That agent wants me to send her the entire manuscript! which means I will be working at breakneck speed to get my book to the presentable level by, hmm… maybe this weekend?

My mood? Hopefully optimistic and optimistically hopeful.



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  1. This is so wonderful, Joanne, and you totally deserve it. Though you tend to be self-deprecating, I know you are a terrific writer, and you will be successful.

    I look forward to buying your book!

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